Projects/tools I worked on/am involved with I feel are worth mentioning.

Jedi Knight Galaxies(2012 - Present)
Screenshot of JKG.

One of my hobbies is working on this open-source Star Wars multiplayer shooter RPG in my spare time. I've been involved with since 2009. The mod is based on Jedi Academy and is written primarily in C/C++ and scripting is done in lua. I've worked on nearly all aspects of the code base, fixed hundreds of bugs, added many many features, and been responsible for several new releases and versions of the project. Currently the lead coder.

Game Design Rants
I occasionally give presentations at a game developer club, these are rehosted online here. I rant/teach about gamedesign.

GBSPCracker.jpg screenshot
Internal tool created for decrypting protected assets used for in Jedi Knight Galaxies, uses C/C++ and Qt.


Game demo, in which a tarantula defends owner from roaches. I lead a team of three other students to create this game in 2015, over the course of 3 months for a class at University. The game was written in primarily C# and we used Unity.

HackdTweets: Twitter Clustering with Java(2015)
School group project, while learning Java for the first time, I was responsible for building the clustering system. The app would collect and sanitize tweets using the Twitter RxNLP Sentence Clustering API on a topic inputted and then display results. Also learned how to use the Java Swift UI library and built a functional interface in 3 days.


JKGLauncher, tool originally used for installing, patching, and launching Jedi Knight Galaxies. I fixed bugs, added several new features and maintained the code base. The Launcher is no longer currently used. You can download the now defunct tool here.

Recipi(2013 - Present)
A personal recipe app built using Qt and C++, used to learn and experiment with Qt. Coming soon...