Gameplay from SpiderBro

For one of my courses while working on my CS degree, I led a group project to design and create a game over the course of about 3 months for a game development course. I worked with three other talented students to produce a simple demo. We used Unity as the game engine, and wrote most of the code in C#. We kept our design simple (as none of us were professional modellers, animators, or texture artists and were also busy working and taking other courses at the same time), but created many assets from scratch. In addition to helping organize the project, manage the other developers, and keep everyone on schedule I wrote a large portion of the movement programming, the main player object/character, camera system, AI work, projetiles and melee behavior, etc. I also helped create with menus, and assisted the other developers with various other tasks.

I enjoyed working on this project as it combines one of my favorite genres (3D FPS) with a tower defense objective and a silly premise (a pet tarantula defending their sleeping owner from a hoard of invading roaches). While it was difficult to produce a working demo in such a limited timeframe (and we had to cut some features we'd planned due to last minute issues) I'm proud of what our team did to make it in such short time with very limited experience in gamedev (at the time). One of the things I was a little sad that didn't make it into our final submission for the course, was red "sucide bomber" cockroach enemies. These would target the player and try to kill off the player rather than bumrushing the mouth objective. Sadly these were actually partially working in an alpha branch of the project, but some bugs forced us to remove them due to a lack of time when the final product was merged together.