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Futuza's Dev Page

Hello I'm Futuza, this is my site. Welcome. I host some things I make here, and sometimes post interesting things. I'm a hobby game designer, and software developer by trade.

Developing software and programming is a blast, and there's very few other types of work or experience that let you play with the building blocks of logic and creativity to quite literally build anything you can imagine - provided you're clever and determined enough to make it work. It's a skill that I believe can improve almost anyone's professional life, and if you've ever thought about learning how to program, you definetly should! The ability to automate meaningless drivel and chores out of our lives is always worth it. It's certainly not without it's frustrations, but programming is always rewarding! I first started out learning to program a TI-83 Texas Instrument calculator in the back of math class when I was bored and have come a long way since then. While attending university as a computer science student was certainly useful, I've always learned more when I was trying to make my own things, and explore the wild waters of unsolved problems.

One big project I've worked on with people from all over the world since 2009 is JKG, an opensource mod for Jedi Academy. JKG adds hundreds of new features, with several RPG mechanics and new game mechanics. I think it's pretty neat and you should check it out. I've made a lot of tools for it (such as the website, deployment/build tools, internal encrption/decryption tools etc.) and worked on the engine and gamecode on and off for about 10 years. You can find more about projects I've worked on here.

This site is still under construction, but feel free to check back later for new stuff.